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The XL provides torque arms on right angle gearboxes to provide a source of pivotal connection between the gearbox and a fixed, stable anchor point.

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The torque arm is used to resist the torque produced by the gearbox. In other words, it prevents reverse rotation of the shaft-mounted reducer during application operation.

Torque Arm for Nmrv Series Gearboxes
Torque Arm for NMRV gearboxes
Torque Arm For Worm Gear Reducer
Right Angle Gearbox Torque Arm

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What Is A Torque Arm? The Different Types

There are a variety of torque arm types. These arms are attached to a vertical mast with one or more torque balancers at the top. Theses balancers allow the arm to be moved vertically up and down the mast with very little effort, and they hold the torque arm in the position the operator sets. Both the arm and balancers can rotate around the mast freely. The mounting allows operators to guide a torque tool rather than lift its whole weight, and the arm absorbs the torque reactions, further reducing the risk of strain and injury. The method of movement of the arm itself is what differentiates torque arm types. 

Telescoping arms allow their users to adjust the length of the arm in relation to its mounting mast. Given the full 360 degree rotation around the mast, these torque arms can fulfill most simple fastening operations quickly and easily. There are two types of telescoping torque arms: the traditional sort where the structure of the arm is made of tubes of two slightly different sizes, and the smaller one in which the tube slides in and out of the larger as needed to reach the length the operator desires.  

Glider torque arms expand and contract the radius the tool makes in a similar manner, but they use a different mechanism. Here, a mount glides along one or more structural tubes for smoother, steadier movement. 

Articulated torque arms have an elbow-like joint that gives these torque arms a second rotational axis which enables a greater degree of motion and motion control. At assembly stations with screw presenters or counters, these articulated torque arms provide easy movement of a tool from the presenter to the joint. Regardless of type, torque arms provide a greater degree of control over fastening, helping to prevent cross threading and side loading. 

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