Torque Arm Position Linear Ebike Industrial Manufacture Nmrv040 Ta300 Screw Driver Pneumatic Shaft Transmission Gear Spare Parts



Torque Arm position linear ebike nmrv040 ta300 screw driver pneumatic shaft transmission gear spare parts best price stable industrial manufacture Torque Arm
XL offers torque arms on right angle gearboxes to provide a pivoted connection source between the gearbox and a fixed, stable anchor point. The torque arm is used to resist torque developed by the gearbox. In other words, it prevents counter rotation of a shaft mounted speed reducer during operation of the application. This torque arm fits the Swift front hub motor (Bafang G010.250.D) perfectly, replacing one of the anti-turn washers to provide increased rotational resistance to the dropout. It can also be used on any hub motor with a 12mm axle (machined to 10mm on the flats). 4.5mm thick 304 stainless steel, laser cut, Includes all hardware, and both an eyelet mount and hose clamp fork blade or seatstay mount.
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